Exercise: A love/hate story

We love to exercise and the incredible endorphin release after a great workout… But even we have days when the ‘meh’ is strong and we’d rather just kick back and veg out.  It happens to us all. Despite all the pros of regular, thorough exercise routines, one should...

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B+ and other bloody good advice

We’re believers in the blood type diet and as such we tailor all of our eating plans on our client’s blood group and have found nothing but success, so long as our clients stick to the plan. Blood type diets are based on the ability to digest lectins differently...

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And so it begins

Our first blog entry and we’d like to take the time to welcome any and all that are going to take this incredible journey with us. As competitive athletes and nutritional consultants, we’re not just passionate about staying in shape and maintaining healthy lifestyles,...

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