Nutrition / Training Programs

Personalised/Tailor-made eating and training programs, designed to meet the individual needs of, and best complement our clients’ time in our studio or day to day to routines of online clients that aren’t able to train with us.
This is the heart and soul of our client’s transformative journeys.


For that little bit extra where a good diet is lacking or training programs are little rigorous or over committed. Supplementation is key to a holistic diet and training program and to aid in the rigors of day-to-day life.
We offer everything from A-Z, Alkaline to Zinc and in between.

Weight Loss Treatments

Natural, effective weight loss programs, like Ceccarelli site specific fat loss treatments are fast becoming a popular form of beating the bulge when combined with our eating and training programs.
This is a fast track to meeting personal weight loss goals. For the fast-paced “executive” lifestyle in mind.


Assisted EMS Training

Where functional training falls short, EMS begins to shine. When clients have pushed themselves to their limit and reached their personal threshold, EMS training engages white muscle fibres and shows clients that there are levels of training heretofore not experienced by them. Guaranteed to test even the most seasoned athlete in our studio.

One On One Training

Dedication to and training of individuals needing a little extra motivation or simply wanting a more advanced training session that’s a little more demanding and engaging than what we would generally offer. For clients just starting out, or exercise ‘veterans’ wanting to maximise their time in studio

Mimovement Online Store

The central hub of MiMovement, our online store offers leading brands in their field with regards to training apparel, nutritional meal plans and snacks, lifestyle clothing, exercise and EMS devices and so much more. An ever evolving brain child of ours, our online store will change to best accommodate a niche market of high end clientele.


Where to start? So after a lot of motivation from wife, I decided to start training with Dean late in January 2019. I was very unfit and had 22% body fat and no muscle definition. After just more than 4 months, with Dean’s expert guidance, I have managed to get my body fat down to 12%. I have gained 9kg lean mass and my body has gone through a major transformation. I can only say that I am super excited to see what happens in the next 4 months! Just a big thank you to Dean for making this all possible! If you are wondering if you should do it…….. JUST DO IT!!!!

Quinton Phillipson

One of the best investments I maid two years ago was to start training with Dean and Crystal. Lost more then 22kg and 18% body fat. Not only did they change my life style but they changed me personally. One thing I can say is if you comet to the training the invest everything. Will always be grateful.

Jaun-Pierre Olivier




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